Top 5 Best Spray Tan Machine

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Maintaining an active lifestyle has become one of our top priorities in life. That’s why going out in the sun to get some gorgeously bronzed skin might seem a little too far-fetched.  Skin tanning has always been a better alternative than sunbathing for what it’s worth.  Not only it saves us from the powerful and harmful UV rays, but it’s also easier to use with quick results. The use of the best spray tan machine gives an instant skin glow. Getting an entire body makeover within 30 minutes is no more an issue both at home and tanning salon by proper application of such tanners.

Top 5 Best Spray Tan Machine of 2022

Advised by the skincare professionals and salon experts, here are the best five spray tan machines in 2022 available in the market with a detailed buying guide. This will help you to form a fair idea about the skin requirements and the products you would like to go for betterment.

1 – MaxiMist  Spray Lite HVLP Plus Tanner

The German-engineered spray tan machine is not only recommended for professionals but also for beginners who would want to give spray tanning a shot. With the latest HVLP feature, this particular spray gun can transfer better coverage than conventional spray guns.  The tanning applicator is easy to adjust, which helps to maneuver the spray pattern.

It allows any indoor tanning lotion to apply flawlessly, furnishing the skin with a radiant glow.

The filter in the unit is detachable and can be washed gently by hands and air dryer. For blow-drying, the gun can be removed from the hose.  The spray-tanned is brilliant if you are starting new and want to learn the basics of spray tanning solutions.

Key Features   

  • Professional product
  • Better and complete coverage
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Weightless
  • Glowing skin derive
  • Detachable item


  • The design of the spray gun is in vertical shape; it helps a clog-free virtual performance on your skin.
  • Brilliant bronzer with spraying technology-induced
  • It is effortless to use and assemble


  • Some customers have experienced massive leakage from the spray tanner.
  • Regulating the control of low pressure was found hard in a few cases.

2 – MaxiMist  Spray Tent Pop Up Black Evolution Pro

The manufacturers have designed this product with lightweight technology. Aluminum is the primary material used in this tanner. There is an ultra-fine mist for smart application. The relaxed grip ergonomic handle allows smooth and precise spray pattern. Knobs are adjusted into airbrush mode for detailing and minute touch-ups.

It is suitable for the salon as well as home use. Reusable filters are installed, which prevents dust particles from entering the system through the air. Even after being specifically designed for professionals, it is user-friendly and can be assembled without putting much effort. The flexible hose does not obstruct movement—quick connection hose attachment, which can be removed for the blow-dry feature.

Key Features

  • Black in color
  • Weightless
  • Aluminum incorporated
  • Noiseless
  • Flexible and adjustable hose
  • Great for salons


  • This kit is convenient to use because of high-quality performance.
  • As there is no annoying sound from the compressor, so it helps to maintain a noise-free environment.


  • It is an expensive tan kit and not budget-friendly.

3 – Norwell Mobile Machine Tanning Sunless Spray M1000

This professional spray tan equipment comes with a Norvell Pop-Up tent, which ensures a smooth and pleasant experience in every session. Controlling the spray tan with minimum overspray during application is worth mentioning. There is a presence of LED indicator light. This can help you to understand when the machine is in the working condition. For rapid service, the builders have installed an HVLP engine in this.  As it is lightweight and portable, you can be mobile as per requirement. It’s super consistent, and even spray makes the tan beautiful and streak-free. If you go for this Spray tanner, you will get a spray repair kit, electrical cord, and user guide for free. To achieve the natural sunless tan look, this spray tanning machine is the one for you.

Key Features

  • The spray is adjustable
  • Weightless
  • Overspray minimum
  • Portable
  • Repair kit accompanied
  • HVLP spray tanning system inbuilt
  • Led light for indication


  • It is a high end spraying machine
  • Excellent quality and built
  • In very less time you can get a streak-free look
  • Fantastic product to use for a salon look at home


  • The price of this item is on the higher side as compared to other similar products.
  • Nozzle designs weren’t much suitable at times.

4 – Aura Sunless Air Brush Professional Allure Black Spray Tan Kit

Manufactured for professional, this spray tan is perfect for the salon environment. The spray tanning machine sprays just enough solution on the body, which helps to avoid uneven application.  There is a noise reduction turbine which makes this a brilliant product for parlors and salon usage. The design of this tanner is sleek and elegant. There is an ergonomic handle which helps to drizzle a fine maxi mist for perfect coverage. The flow adjuster behind the trigger of the gun allows balancing the consistencies of different solutions. There are a cord and a cup holder that is used for managing the base of the tanning.  A spray tanning gun, three tanning solutions, a tan tent, and a bag is included in this kit.  If you are looking for fantastic coverage with a feather-like finish, this professional spray tan machine is the one for you.

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Supreme quality
  • Ideal for parlors and salons
  • Excellent coverage
  • Modern designed handle
  • Easy to use


  • The weightless feature of this sprayer is the primary benefit for individuals who are a newbie in the makeup or salon industry.
  • Consistency, while spraying is superb and does not, melts out.
  • A significant product for using the base make up too.


  • Few users have noticed bottle leakage issues.
  • There were some instances where pressure was not appropriate while tanning.

5 – Fuji Mini M Spray Tan Model

This heavy-duty spray tan machine is technically designed for both professional and personal use. Due to its compact size, it’s elementary to move around if and when required. Presence of the cover for fitters, the noise emission is surprisingly low when in operation. The machine has a built-in Heat Dissipation Box for removal of excess heat and cooler running. The spray gun has a secure handle, which helps in precision and high accuracy spray. The spray pattern can also be adjusted by turning the control knob. The performance quality of the spray gun is relatively higher than the price suggests. Now the sun-kissed look can be easily achieved at home without any hassle. This product is ideal for beauty salon owners who want to provide excellent body tanning service to their customers.

Key Features

  • Strong built
  • Filters installed for less noise
  • Presence of heat disposal box
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for salon


  • It is one of the high-quality products for tanning applications.
  • Being light in weight, it is effortless to use the ergonomic handle while body tanning.
  • Paraben-free


  • Few users have experienced a loud annoying noise while functioning.

Buying Guide For Best Spray Machine

When you have decided to go for a spray tanner for your body, there can be a lot of questions in your mind. Before purchasing a tan machine, everyone goes through a set of confusion. To understand the machine carefully, individuals should know the external components, functionality, etc. as well. This detailed buying guide can help the buyers get an overview of the keys points to go for before buying a spray tanning machine.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Spray Tan kit/Machine

Previously people only knew the sun tanning method for their body glow. In recent times, due to technological progress, spray tanning kits are gaining more popularity. Salon experts and ordinary people are all in favor of investing in these machines. There are some essential factors in the following which can consider before purchasing the appropriate spray machine/kit.

Holding capacity

According to the professional make up experts, for tanning, any individual needs 2-2.3 ounce of liquid. Although it is not a hardcore rule, if sprayed more amount, then the skin pores may start getting damaged. Therefore kindly check the capacity of the holder of spray tan guns.

Noise Free

Check the size and shape of the air nozzle. In case there are vertical shapes, they are preferable. As these nozzles can produce less sound while applying the tanning liquid. To get a calm tan on your body, you can invest in such items.

Beginner kit

If you are a beginner in the salon industry, then you can go for a basic tanning kit. Also, check the gravity feed or siphon feed in the tan machine. Go for bottles that have a controlling portion feature so that after every extra usage amount of liquid does not spill out. In case you want to do a self-tanning method, then you can purchase a beginner’s model.


Always remember to go for a compressor filled with a filter inside the spray tan product. Do not go for heavy compressor making noise. Instead, individuals can go for small compressors that are weightless and noise-free. Filters installed in the compressor can clear the grains if at all present in the liquid.


Any solution is compatible with the spray tanning kit. However, it is required to check whether the gun can hold the consistency of the solution for a long time.


Make sure that the nozzles are not rough and avoid over-spraying. If you start repeating spraying for a longer run, then material might waste. It can also make your skin tone messed up. Another thing about the nozzle is the feature of clog-free. Invest in the nozzles where it has no blockage.


Before you buy a spray tanning machine or kit, understand for what purpose you are buying it for. It can be for salon purposes; then, of course, the weight of the machine will be on the higher side. If you want to go for self-use or beginner purpose, then kits with lightweight are much favorable. Weightless models of machines can help when you visit the client’s house for the tanning method. Weighs less and easy to carry and are travel-friendly too.

Spraying Pattern

If you are in a professional salon, then go for less spraying techniques in the machine. It can save money and your efforts too. Get a streak-free product that can provide you a brilliant look and skin tone. You can go for 3-5 inches spraying pattern models. If the material is wasted unnecessarily then, it is of no use.

Spray Shade   

Individuals should choose the kit according to their original skin color and tone. To get a smooth bronze tone on your skin, you have to select the accurate solution. Messing with the solution color may not fetch you, the exact skin tanning you are looking forward to. Every skin shade is different from each other, so shade selection is also a significant key for selecting a spraying tan machine.


Go for spraying kits or equipment which can rapidly heat the solution. The presence of DHA in the tanning machine can help you to get a lighter shade of tanning color. The warmth of the device can fetch you active tanning for a long process.


Too much sun exposure can result in cancer. Try selecting the tan spray machines which have the solution or liquid base containing SPF. This is again effective for customers who have plans to go out after done with tanning. It is advised not to go out immediately after finishing with body or face tanning through kits or machines.


Different human being has a different skin type. Tanning a particular skin type may not result in the same in the other through the kit. Often customers face this challenge or threats.


A friendly guideline instructing you about the usage and correct spray is essential for you. To get the desired look, you need the knowledge of the application. Try selecting the spraying machine with DVDs or guide books, which can help you for better understanding.

Additional Benefits

Extra benefits like company customer care service or warranty is a superb deal. If you are getting products like store case or carry bag, extra brushes, or chord, then that is also favorable to invest in.


Purchase a spray tan machine that can suit your budget. It is always recommended to the beginners, if you want to use for self-purpose then go for basic kits. These kits are inexpensive. Once you learn the mastery of application, then you can go for high-end products.

Components Of A Spray Tan

Every spray tan machine has three major physical components, namely Tanning compressor, Gun for spraying, and a Tan spray hose. If you carefully notice, the functionality of these components is the same in all the similar tanners. Again few variations can have a significant influence on the spraying techniques.

Tan Spray Compressor

In recent years, the spraying compressor is playing a significant role in the tan process. Either they are equipped previously with the airbrush, or they come in a pump system, which also releases air. Usually, these gun types are inexpensive and do not make noise. However, it needs to be reminded; this compressor takes around 40 minutes approximately for an entire body tanning. Many times over-spraying issues also happen if you are not cautious enough while using it.


When you decide to go for the kit (LVLP) that means the spray gun has a pressure capacity low around 1 PSI. In the LVLP machines, the flow is always adjustable, and you can also change the spraying pattern according to your needs. If you are looking for the fastest subtle finish with a super quick drying technique, then this is apt.

Other kits say (HVLP). In these systems, the air is produced with the help of spraying through the turbine. The hose inside the machine is very much flexible during its function. As the operation is on the higher side of volume and pressure, it is counted around 5-10.5 PSI. The main advantage of this product is less amount of over spraying. If you are a professional expert, then you can go with this advanced high pressure formulated spray. The turbines of these tan sprays are tiny in regards to the compressors.

Tanning Spray Gun

Spray guns are essential for applying the tanning tone on your skin. Before investing on the streak-free applicators check few following things in these air guns;


Either spray gun for tanning is made up of plastics or metals. Going for plastic pipes will be cheaper, but durability is an issue. Individuals who have the habit of spraying tanning solution more often can go for the plastic contents. This helps you with multiple spraying and also is lighter in weight.

There are few tanning guns which are made up of metals like stainless steel. Mist controlling is very convenient in the case of these sprays. With the help of these sprays, you can get a more delicate finish look in your skin. Replacing the dissembled parts of the metal-based tan kits is a bit difficult. If products do not come with warranty or replacement policies, then often customers invest in another tan kit. To avoid such a situation, kindly check in the warranty card if different parts of the tool are covered.


Either gun has single or double stages in their variation. This mainly helps the customer to understand the spraying quality and atomized. There are innumerable spraying guns that consist of one setting tab. People who are fond of contouring the shapes in their body can go for such spraying kits.


After using the machine or kit, everyone needs to clean and maintain it for long years. Select the spraying guns which can be cleaned and are easily assembled. Always remember when you segregate the spraying kit and dismantle it, there are often chances of dirt settling. A right amount of sanitization of the tool is required for you and your customers. Researchers have opined that an excellent spray machine with a tanning gun is not sufficient for everyone. The solution used in the tan technique is made up of sugar melt product,s which promotes bacteria growth.

Tanning Hose

A complicated and wrong spray hose can affect your look. Try investing in the hoes which are flexible. Hard plastic-based spraying hose with durable benefits are favorable. Mainly if the user wants to be at home for tanning purpose, then better to go for lightweight hoses, which are moveable. If you are a professional at the salon with a fixed tanning machine, then the inflexible hose is okay.


Before buying the spray machine, check the applications in a day. It is mainly written on the product about the medium, low or heavy using capability. According to your own needs, then choose the item based on its operations. Salon experts primarily go for heavy machines, while individuals setting body color at home prefers light-based kits.

Extra Components in the kit

Always make sure you are investing in a good kit with bonus products like pop up tents and carry bags. Some kits also have extra tanning solution included in them. It is always a benefit to have a complete spray machine set for the workspace. The kit should come with at least 12-24 months warranty package.

Check for Reviews

A comparison of the prices and specifications about the tan spraying machine can help you get the knowledge about your skin needs. Kindly go through the market ratings and also reviews of different customers who have used similar items. Often there are many discounts and offers which are available online. To avail those offers, you can also check the product reviews and provide your feedback. This is an essential criterion for everyone, no matter if you are using the kit for professional or home use.

Few Tips To Note Before Spray Tan Process

  • Try using a mild scrubbing exfoliation on your body. This helps your skin pores to soften, releasing the dry flakes. It is applicable for all the users using the machine at home or for a salon.
  • If you are going for a salon tanning process, then before applying the spray tanning kit, waxing is essential. Especially if you are going for entire body contouring and tanning, it can help you to get a radiant finish. Another benefit of waxing before the prior appointment of tanning can retain the color and shade without causing unnecessary fading.
  • Moisturize the body and skin cells well. A mild moisturizer or body lotion is recommended before tanning; otherwise, the look may get sticky. You can also nourish your skin with hydrating lotions or creams after tanning spray is applied. However, keep in mind not to use such creams just right after the tan process. Wait for some time, and you can even add essential oils to your lotion for rejuvenating the skin.
  • Hydrate yourself for long hours before tanning appointment at the salon. Dry skin users might result in unwanted flakes to come out from skin tissues after or before tanning sprays. It is essential to retain the oil and water balance of your body.
  • For better coverage of tanning under your skin tone, the pigmentation should settle down. Users using the spraying tan machine should wait for 5-6 hours before they go out for their work. Do not use makeup before you have any tanning appointment in the salon. Use wet wipes to clean the face from time to time.
  • Understand your skin sensitivity and allergic reactions. Before you go for tanning with spray, it is also an important point to understand which solution can harm your skin. Therefore before any tanning experience, check the skin needs. If required, you can also consult skincare experts and professionals for better knowledge. Tanning is a temporary process; however, it should not result in any irritation on your body.
  • Keep your nails safe from getting tanned. Use proper nail polish before tanning your body. This will save your nails from spraying bronzed or other colors.
  • The learning curve to become a professional expert in spray tanning is although steep but can be mastered with practice over due course of time. Start experimenting with cheaper alternatives at first. Research, learn the technique, and start executing for an effortless tan job.


Can spray tans look natural?

Spray tan equipment can look completely natural if done right by an individual or a professional tanning expert at a salon. A good tan makes you look healthy and glow.

How do I choose a spray tan color?

To avoid fake tan, never go four or five shades darker than your original skin tone. Two to three shades darker is recommended. Also, ask for your stylist’s opinion for a perfect shade match. Mismatch in shades might result in an orange tan.

How often should I spray tan?

Spray tanning twice or thrice a month is suggested as long as you are careful. Tanning too often can damage your skin and be hazardous to health. Always shave and exfoliate before getting a spray tan for the tanning to stay longer.

Can you use a spray tan solution in any machine?

Any spray tan solution can be used in any machine. Only a few adjustments are required to be made to balance out the different textures of the solutions.

How long should I wait to shower after a spray tan?

For a lighter tan, wait for an hour. But if you are looking for a darker tan, you can wait up to 3 hours. After the bronzer rinses off in the shower, it generally takes 8-10 hours for the tan to develop.

How to turn my spray tan light if it is too dark?

Oil helps in removing the upper layer of the color, which lightens the tan eventually. Exfoliate in the shower to make it lighter.


There is an innumerable number of spray tanners available in the market. Before choosing the best spray tan machine for you, kindly check the online reviews. You can get a fair idea about the specifications and the accurate product which will suit your skin type.

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